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Congrats on the refi!

Did you end up going through Tom? 

Just to give you a head's up, our closing went really long - they didn't have the papers quite ready.  The title co said it happens with them a lot, but that they also have the best rates, so it's a trade-off I guess. 

We had Andrew with us and it wasn't cool waiting, so that's why I wanted to warn you :) 

Yay for saving money.  

Re: Karla

  • Hey, thanks!

    We did go through Tom, he was awesome to work with!

    We closed through the mail, they sent us the packet of stuff, and we had to sign everything and send it back.  The biggest pain was we had to sign in front of a notary, but fortunately the UPS store has a notary on site.  That worked perfect for us.  We've already closed, and didn't have to pay November's mortgage either, but between closing cost, and the check the for escrow account, we didn't save as much this month.  

    Hopefully we'll get this whole homeowners insurance thing figured out soon, and we'll save even more money!   

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  • I asked him about closing via mail and he gave me a really long answer that I couldn't hear b/c Andrew was screaming. **hmph**

    So we had to take Andrew to the title company, from 5-7 on a week night at Castleton.  It was not particularly fun.

    Also he forgot about something different in Indiana vs. Ohio as far as the title company fees, so our closing costs were quit a bit more, but it was still worth it.  

    We complained to him and he apologize. It sounds like he got things straightened out before you guys, so that's good!!!!  He is a nice guy but I'm glad it's done and now we're saving, although our payoff is like 9 months! ha

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