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I just got 'baby' dialed.

My phone rang and it was my friend.  I heard her son babbling but she didn't say anything.   He just turned one this week. 

I sent her a text telling her to tell him I said "good morning".  She said he just got shots and the phone was keeping him busy and from crying.  I told her he already had good taste in the women he called.  Wink

Re: I just got 'baby' dialed.

  • Awww, poor little guy.  Anne called my phone from DH's yesterday.  :)
  • That's the grown up version of the drunk dial =)
  • LOL.  Elli loves my phone.  We gave her an old cell phone to play with and she wont play with it.  Nothing but the real thing for her.  The other day she managed to get on the internet.  :)
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