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Gymnastics questions about DD's

DD starts gymnastics tomorrow, and I have a leotard for her.  My question is, does she wear underwear under it?  I don't know if it is an odd question.. I totally just remember my mom had me wear underwear under it but my underwear totally stuck out!

Hoping DD likes gymnastics.. we are "dance dropouts" already!

Re: Gymnastics questions about DD's

  • for dd's beginner class, they were to wear comfy cotton clothing.  she would wear leggings and a top.... the older girls who were competitive wore leotards to practice.. not the preschoolers. 
  • Interesting.. they said a leotard and gymnastics shoes for us.  I'll bring along some leggings too though.
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  • well, our school is in a big gym.  it gets chilly over the winter months.  even the competitive girls have longer stuff (matching) that they can wear.  no shoes though.  they said none.  

    as far as the leotard, I know you're probably not supposed to wear them, but I'd have dd wear undies.  target has some bikini undies for little girls that are not as poofy as the disney undies.  they'd probably stay hidden better.  

  • Both my girls usually wear unitards(aka biketards) so underwear is not really an issue. Sometimes dd wears them, sometimes she doesn't. DD2 still wears diapers & if she wears a leotard it sticks out a little. Not a big deal though.

    I don't see the harm in not wearing any as long as everything down there is covered.

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  • All the little girls in my dd class wear underwear. My dd is 2 1/2, so a tad younger than yours, but it actually bothers her not to have her underwear on. She wears a leotard that has a "shorts" like bottom, so we avoid the underwear creaping through.
  • DD wears a leotard with underwear underneath and then I put a pair of comfy shorts (in the winter) or yoga type pants (in the winter).
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