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2 unrelated post-and-run questions

Sorry to post and run, but I've got a busy work day ahead followed by freezer cooking with a friend this evening, so I won't be around until much later when nobody else is on. 

Feel free, if your bored, to ponder and respond to my 2 random and unrelated questions, lol. It'd really help  me out.


1. Where do you go after straw sippies? DD is a pro with them, but I worry that she isn't learning to tip the cup back like she will with a real drinking cup. Aren't straw sippies supposed to be the best for oral development, though? What's the next step?


2. Anyone involved in any activities with their LO on the south side? We do a baby gymnastics class at the community center on Sat. mornings and she does library story time with the sitter on Thursdays, but that's all we've got as far as socialization with other kids. We've looked at gymboree, and it's kinda spendy for our budget. I'm open to other ideas. We have no friends w/kids and no family nearby, so I'm concerned I'm going to raise a socially awkward child.


Re: 2 unrelated post-and-run questions

  • I can answer # 1 (but not #2 bc I'm on the north side Smile).

    We didn't start teaching Haley to drink out of a normal cup until she was between 18 months and 2 years.  She wasn't really coordinated enough to really do it well until then.  Once she figured out the straw cups, we would switch back and forth between the regular sippy and a straw sippy.  FWIW, she still uses a straw cup now unless she's sitting at the table eating a meal, in which case she uses a regular cup.  She drinks water all day long and I don't want it spilled all over my house, so hence the reason we use a straw sippy.

  • I'm on the northside...so I can't really help with things on the south side, other than to suggest maybe trying the Y? The Baxter Y is awesome. We do alot at our local Y up here.

    For #2: I think they naturally just learn how to tip the cup up. We never really taught Evan how to do it, and we switch him between straw sippies and regular sippies all the time. I was worried for a while that he wouldn't learn to tip the cup up, but after a while, he figured it out. Now, we haven't started him on regular cups (not sippies) because he is still too young and still throws his cup when he is done), but I imagine that when it is time, he will do just fine. Maybe try giving her a non-straw sippy and only fill it half way to see how she does? My guess is that she will figure it out! Smile

  • 1. Andrew never figured out sippies, we do straws.  His therapist was *really* happy that he uses (and is good with) a straw cup. We hand him an open-top cup in the bath tub, and he knows how to drink out of it and tip it back.  We didn't teach him so I guess he's old enough he just knows what to do?

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  • 1. We use Tilty Cups with Claire, and they are great for her.  She can also drink out of a straw cup, but we want her to use sippys instead. 

    2. I can't help you out since I'm on the north side, but we are in the same boat.  It sucks.  Claire doesn't go to daycare, and I work PT so I'm not in the SAHM club or working mom club.  I feel like she's not getting enough interaction with kids, so I might look into Gymboree or something.  Huh?

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