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2.5 weeks with 2u2 - My wisdom- this is for you Shauna

Here are my lessons learned if my first two weeks of 2u2.

1. I am so SO SO happy we didn't force Nora on Evie and let Evie discover the baby on her own.  She now loves to hug the baby, "love" the baby where she lays her head down on her when she's in the swing and likes to help with diaper changes now that we got a step stool so she can see what's going on.

2. When you are with both kids together alone little boxes of raisins, sippy cups and educational videos are your best friend when you are trying to BF LO#2 with LO#1 around.  The raisins are so small and smushy in the box it takes them FOREVER to get them out and eat them keeping them still and occupied while you feed the baby.

3. Don't kill yourself trying to keep LO#2 quiet at night for fear of waking LO#1.  they will wake up but they do get used to it.  Evie still stirs sometimes  when Nora cries at night but now can just put herself back to sleep.  She is getting used to the crying noise.

4. FIND TIME TO EAT!  This is where I am struggling.  I all the sudden realize I have a headache and then realize I haven't eaten in 24 hours.  It is really easy to put your own needs last especially in the first couple weeks I'm finding and you need to take care of yourself or you will be worthless to everyone.

5. Find quiet moments for you and your spouse.  Scott and I are honestly struggling with the lack of time we have for each other right now.  We are completely consumed with these two lovely little ladies that we are neglecting our Marriage.  The upside is that we are aware of it and know there is an end in sight but finding even 15 minutes to just talk about things not child related with do wonders for you.  Snuggle time helps even more!

All in all it's not as hard as I expected and the big savior for me is Day Care.  Evie still has her routine and doesn't get bored at home during the day.  Now if I could just figure this reflux thing out and get some stinking sleep life would be great!


Re: 2.5 weeks with 2u2 - My wisdom- this is for you Shauna

  • =)  This post is now in my favorites so that I can come back to it on that first day home when I am freaking out.

    It sounds like you are doing so great!  Is it odd to be proud of you because I totally am!

  • image shauna060708:

      Is it odd to be proud of you because I totally am!


    HA HA  Thanks!  I'm kinda proud of me too, I totally thought I'd be freaking out more than I am.

  • Thanks for sharing.  I enjoyed reading.  I am contemplating signing up Andrew for mothers day out twice a week and it would help, I think! (I realize he'll be a little over 2-ish!)
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  • [cheesy exclamation alert]

    You go, mama! (see?) Great job, Sarah - I'm impressed, and oddly proud of you too!

    And can I just say how much I love your siggy? I know you've had it for a while but it makes me smile every time.

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  • It sounds like you're really getting things figured out.  Good for you!  I wanted to read this post because if we get pregnant quickly (again), I will likely have 2u2.  Thanks for the wisdom!  (Feel free to post 'em as you find 'em!  Smile )
  • Sarah - big hugs!! I am right there with you on this whole 2u2 thing.  It is tough, even with our toddlers at daycare!!
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