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I love the pic you posted in the getting to know you poll :-)

tee hee

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Re: Jac

  • Baha. That series of pics makes me laugh. It was right after I got my 24mm so I was really up in G's face and he kept giving me these looks like "what the heck, mom?" :) so funny.

    I tried reaponding to my page to you below but my response didn't post (posting from iPhone, so annoying). I'm sooo jealous of the deal you got with that lens. They're not cheap! I know what you mean about distortion, especially on the 17 end. I like it in some cases, like when I'm shooting a landscape or something but not so much with portraits! I have a 17-200. It's okay but it can be a little slow. Same with my 24mm. Plus, the 24 can be really noisy. Disappointing.
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