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? about the PBK stockings some of you have...

How stretchy are they?  Like, can you put oddly shaped gifts in them and have the material stretch around them?  I can't really tell from the pictures on the website... (and the description doesn't help much either)



Re: ? about the PBK stockings some of you have...

  • Oh, and if you've purchased extra for future kids, do you send them/take them to a PBK store and have them put the name on later?
  • Honestly, I don't remember.  I think they have a pretty decent stretch to them, but I don't recall putting a lot in them.
  • I just got mine yesterday!  I haven't actually used them, but they don't seem that stretchy.  They have a lining inside (which I think is a plus) but because of that it just doesn't want to stretch very much.  Maybe when you are actually using them it will be different.

    I actually didn't have any of them embroidered - I wasn't sure on the colors I wanted to ordered extra.  When it comes time for that I'll either take them to PBK or I'll take them to some other local store to have it done.

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  • Mine aren't very stretchy...not sure about what to do with ordering extra.
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