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New to PPD board!

DS #2 was born on 8/31.  I have been "playing" super mom and have faked everyone.  Well, it has all caught up with me!  I have a hard outer shell, so I think that masks what is really going on.  At my 6 week PP appointment, I expressed my concerns and it was suggested that I have my iron levels checked, as I had very low iron throughout my pregnancy and needed iron infusions.  I spent all day at the hospital yesterday getting a 6 hour iron infusion.  My iron level wasn't nearly as low as it was throughout my pregnancy, but this should help me maintain a more normal level.

Bottom line is that I am tired of everyone saying that I'm just feeling down because I don't get enough sleep.  Great thought, but am I just supposed to continue to tough it out until DS begins sleeping more than 3 hours at a time?!  I am very anxious, aggitated, can't focus, and completely stressed out!  Between DS #1 who is 2.5 and DS #2 who is going to be 3 months at the end of the month and working from home, I might lose my mind! 

My plan is to contact my OB on Thursday when the office is open to see if he will write a script for me.  I think he's big on Lexapro, yet it takes 2 weeks or so before it kicks in.  Anyone on it currently?  Any thoughts about it?

 Thanks girls!

Re: New to PPD board!

  • Sorry to hear that you are going through this.  I was started on Zoloft so I know nothing about Lexapro.  I have only been on it for a week so I am not sure if it is helping as I know it takes time to kick in.  Talk to your OB and get some help as you can only fake it for so long...I know I am great at faking it as I let it go on for too long too as I was depressed while I was pregnant and no one knew as I pretended I was so happy and then once my DD was born it got worse and I got PPD now on top of trying to adjust to being a first time mom.  AHHHH!!!!  But it will get better and that is what keeps me going:)  I hope you find the help that you want and good luck.
  • My PPD was very obvious by about a 2 weeks postpartum. I was so depressed I couldn't stop crying. All.Day.Long. I couldn't sleep or eat. I felt no connection to my baby.It was terrible. I started zoloft right away and saw no improvement. By my 6 week check up I couldn't take it anymore. My dr. switched me to Lexapro and it was like night and day. I started feeling a little better within 3-4 days. I also started seeing a therapist and attending a support group.

    I can tell you the meds helped me some. The therapy helped even more. I don't regret going on medication at all. I think it is a great tool, but not the only one. So keep that in mind. 

    Also, prepare yourself for going off of the medication should you choose to go on it. I didn't do this. The withdrawal process from SSRI's, especially Lexapro  is very hard. Don't let it discourage you if you need it, but educate yourself. 

    With all that said, a year later I am off Lexapro and really feel like I am in a good place with PPD. It really does get better! :)

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