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New to Bump- West Hartford, CT

Hello everyone! I'm new to this board.I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone!

I've been married for almost 9 months and my DH and I are currently ttc after being on depo for 3 years. I recently had a miscarriage (about a week ago) I was 6 weeks along. We are hoping to conceive again soon. 

Just wondering if there is anyone that has been successful after using the depo shot? And I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

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  • So sorry about your miscarriage... No advice on the depo shot, but wanted to say welcome! This board is pretty slow though... :)
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  • Im sorry to hear about your loss. I was on Depo for two years. Once I stopped getting the shot, I was forced to wait 8 months (Army training kept me away from home) until my fiance and I could try for our LO. About 4 months after I came home, we got our BFP. So, it was roughly a year for us off of the shot, and our baby is healthy and we're at a solid 15 weeks.

    Best of luck!

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  • Thank you ladybug! I can see that this board is a little slow. Maybe things will pick up!


    Thank you rkenyon. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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