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Postpartum Depression

IL's perception (vent)

I have been battling PPD since LO was born and I am just now getting my referral to a psychologist. I am not on meds and I want to see first if they are really needed.

I have known that I have needed help/therapy for a while now, but my ILs have their own take on what I should do.  I don't have a mother figure I can really go to when I need to mom is bipolar/manic depressive and have decided not to have her around LO until she seeks professional help.  Recently, DH mentioned something to my MIL that I am going to see a "shrink" because I am really depressed. (mind you my ILs are VERY religious and don't believe in going to see a psychologist) Sooo, according to them, I need to get rid of these "spirits".

I want to scream. I am almost desperate to get help, and the family that I do have around thinks I am possessed with "spirits"?!

and now that I am looking into possible Drs in my area, I almost ready to say "forget it"...

Sorry about the vent. :(

Re: IL's perception (vent)

  • Do NOT throw in the towel!  I feel terrible for you that your IL's are not supportive (or living in the 21st century) but you need to do what is right for you.  Maybe your DH needs to keep private matters private when it comes to your seeking help for a MEDICAL condition. Again I'm so sorry you have to deal with this but PLEASE seek help.

  • Don't give up just because your ILs are ignorant!  The situation you're finding yourself in is actually really common - it takes the new mom a while to finally ask for the help she needs and then some meddling relative says or does something to discredit her attempt to get help.  You have to do what's best for you regardless of what they think.  If they bring up the subject again, nicely but firmly inform them that your medical issues are NOT open for discussion.  It is not any of their business and you certainly do not need to justify it to them. 

    When my FIL found out I was taking meds, he proceeded to give me a lecture on why antidepressants are a scam and how all mental disorders are correctable with proper nutrition.  I rolled my eyes and said something along the lines of "Well, when you get PPD, you can eat more carrots and see how that works for you..."

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  • I promise I won't give up. I just so hard when the people you care about don't understand what you are going through. I think finally DH is getting it.  I had a huge break down and talk with him about what I have been feeling.  He says he is happy that I am seeking help...and I accidently stumbled across his bday gift to me...a Dr. Laura book :)
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