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Postpartum Depression

Please tell me that I'm doing the right thing....

On Friday my OB prescribed 40 mg of Prozac for me to take. I was concerned about the side effects since I'm a nursing mother and everything that I've read (,, lactation websites) discourage against taking fluoxetine(prozac). I had a terrible day today and put in a call to my OB's office and also my DS's pediatrician's office. They both assured me that fluoxetine is one of the "safer" antidepressants to take according to the manuals that they have.

I'm just so confused. I took my first pill tonight but now I'm afraid on the effect that it may have on my DS.

Re: Please tell me that I'm doing the right thing....

  • When I went on meds I worried about these things too. You feel guilty no matter what. I finally decided that the affect of having a mother struggling with depression, crying all of the time, and not bonding with him was much worse than the tiny amount a medication excreted in his milk.

    My OB reassured me that some moms need antidepressants during pregnancy. The amount that crosses the placenta is much higher than the amount consumed by a nursing baby.  These moms still have healthy, happy babies despite their medication and so could I. My son has been EBF since birth. I started SSRI's a few weeks postpartum. He has had no ill effects from my medication. He is a happy one year old! Just try your best to trust you doctors and take care of yourself. 

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