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Postpartum Depression

Worried I might lie on the PPD questionaire today

I have started to type this post several times.  My daughter is 7 weeks old and I have my PP appointment this afternoon. 

I don't know if what is going on is PPD or maybe just anger or maybe just frustration, or even sleep deprevation.

I have 4 children.  The newborn, a 14 month old, a 4 yr old, and a teenager.  I am a SAHM.  And, while my husband "helps" he is not really helpful when it is really needed.  He does not get up at night, he does not follow the schedule when I am out of the house, etc.

I am getting very upset over the little things, most of the time it relates to the lack of help.  And, I feel like sometimes when I leave the house - I want to take my time getting home - almost on spite.  It seems like my husband just does not think about me, or things that I need.

I am even getting upset thinking about getting upset.

I leave the house with the 3 little ones all the time, and while it is hard (physically), I do it all the time, I take care of all the kids just fine, I don't want to harm myself or my children.

I was fine in the begining.  But, on sat something happened that I was almost embarressed about.

I left the house on Sat to go shopping.  I had to get something to wear to my daughter's baptism.  I went to the stores that are not even close to us, just so I could be out of the house for a longer time.

I ran into a friend, who said, "out without the kiddies?"  When I started to tell her that I just needed a break - I started bawling.

Again, i don't know if this is PPD, or maybe I am just really pissed at my husband and it is coming out as tears.

I know I really need to talk to my husband about all the things that are getting me mad - and I know that the newborn stage does get better.  But, right now - I am afraid that I will lie on the PPD questionaire that I know I will be taking later.

I have so many things floating around my head - more background stuff - but it is too much to type.



Re: Worried I might lie on the PPD questionaire today

  • Well it is best to answer the questions honestly, it's easier to keep telling the truth then to remember the little lies and keep your story from unraveling and them to be able to tell anyways. As for the description you give anger, frustration, sleep deprivation, crying these are all signs of possible PPD but I can't diagnose you all I can tell you is that no matter what I think you should probably seek out some talk therapy to help manage some of the stress that you understandably seem to be dealing with. I hope these words reach you in time and if not that your appointment went well and you already have an answer. GL hun and if you have further questions do come back!
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