Ameda Purely Yours

Opinions wanted on this pump please.
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Re: Ameda Purely Yours

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    Works great for me and the price was right. My only complaint is that it is a little loud but right now I only pump at home so its not much of an issue. May be awkward once I have to pump at work though.

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    Love this pump.  It was used in the breastfeeding class I took, so I went with it.  It's not big or bulky, and super easy to clean!  Most of my friends have the Medela PISA and it seems bulky so I bought the Ameda instead.  The price is great and it's a closed system, too.  No chance of milk getting in the tubes. 
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    I had this pump and really liked it. It is small portable, easy to use. Can you batteries, car adapter, at home, very versatile. I unfortunately ended up having to EP, my daughter never got the latch thing down. So I used my pump alot. Then about 3 months in the motor went out. The company is so great and very helpful but for a mom that EP well you can't go without one for even a few hours. So they paid for me to have a rental pump. No one around me rented Ameda's so I ended up renting a Hygeia.  Well once they replaced my Ameda I was never able to use it again.  The Hygeia was so much more powerful when I went back to the Ameda nothing would happen as my boobs got use to the higher power.  I think it is a great pump but I would highly recommend taking a look at the Hygeia Enjoye!  You can search online for it.  It is newer, won many awards, can only buy online or from a specialty store. They have a 3 year warranty vs. most companies are 1 year.  They are also the only company to offer a return policy! If the pump doesn't work for you, you have 3 weeks to return it.
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    I just got this pump and love it! I had the Medela In Style with my last child and I think this one is much better.
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    I have it also and love it! I bought just the basic one on, not the one at babies R us that comes with a bunch of extras and is 2x as much.  It is a little loud, but I don't have anything to compare that to, and the loudness is not that bad.
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