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Italian Momma Missing her Cheeses?!

I just found out that I'm pregnant and as I was making dinner tonight I started looking at all the ingerdients differently... especially my cheese!  I LOVE my cheeses... are they okay to eat as long as they're pasturized?
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Re: Italian Momma Missing her Cheeses?!

  • I feel like most of the "soft" cheeses that are no no's are French.  But I could be wrong.
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  • Yup, you're fine.  P.S.  Fresh mozzarella is ok too, I checked it out, (my fave)!!!
  • I am a cheese addict as well and specifically asked my OB about this.  She said most cheeses these days (including brie) are pasteurized and are ok.  I bought brie this week and it said "pasteurized milk" in the ingredients.   Just read the ingredient list and you should be fine!!



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  • Congratulations on finding out that you are pregnant!

    I am with you on the cheese thing. I absolutely LOVE all kinds of soft cheeses, and cannot imagine going on without them. :)

    From everything I have read, as long as the cheese is pasteurized you are fine. I will be 19 weeks on Wednesday and have been eating pasteurized soft cheeses while pregnant.

    I know you probably don't want to seem high maintenance, but I have asked at a few different restaurants/places we order from to make sure that the cheese is pasteurized. As long as you explain that you are pregnant, not meaning to be a pain in the a**, and that it can lead to birth defects...people seem to be quite understanding!! :)

    HTH and congratulations again!!

    ~ Cait

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