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Anyone else have this random problem with shirts?

So since having kids, I swear that almost all my old pre-preggo shirts and sweaters are now too short!  At first I thought it was only stuff from Ann Taylor, but now I've decided it's everywhere.  Am I just a freak?  Does anyone else have this problem or other stuff that just doesn't fit the same?

Re: Anyone else have this random problem with shirts?

  • YES.  I have resorted to tunics dammit.
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  • Short where? In the arms or at the bottom? Mine are ALL short at the bottom b/c I have DD boobs now thx to Gabby lol It's annoying
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  • imagejade_sweatpea:
    Short where? In the arms or at the bottom? Mine are ALL short at the bottom b/c I have DD boobs now thx to Gabby lol It's annoying

    Yeah, at the bottom.  Even after I'm done nursing they still don't fit.

  • Yep, it sucks.
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  • yes :)  but i've assumed it's b/c my body is totally different post preg.  even after losing all my baby weight after jax it's just not the same.  :(
  • Yap. I also think that my post baby style of clothing is a bit different. I think I'd like to cover my belly more whereas before if it hikes up  a lil it's not a biggie. I was just telling my DH the other, how in the hell did I fit on those lil bitty shirts.
  • nothing fits the same. I got back to prepregnancy weight pretty quickly but still had to go through my closet and get rid of a ton of pants/tops. that was a depressing day trying clothes on and throwing them in an ever growing pile.
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  • Yep, I remember after having Connor I had to pretty much buy new clothes especially shirts because of them being short.  My clothes still fitted but not in the same attractive way.  I'm sure I will be shopping again after this baby.
  • i have the exact same problem, and am still wearing a lot of my maternity tank tops. the big problem is that i wore mostly fitted maternity tops because i loved my bump, so now i have all these clingy shirts that show off my gut!

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  • Yep--I don't understand it.  I weigh less than I did pre-preg with both kids.  I can get into all my pre-preggo clothes, but my shirts are way too short.  I thought they were just shrinking:)

    DH makes fun of me because I'm always wearing tank tops layered aka wife beaters, but they are the only shirts long enough.

    I don't even have big boobs--maybe my shoulders are broader from picking up the kids--who knows.

  • yes, I just assumed it was because I was fatter.  :)
  • yes, it is the weirdest thing!  at first I thought it was because my boobs were bigger, but I've been weaned for over a year now and my boobs are small again, and they are still short.  so annoying!
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  • Yes, I had this problem too and I know it's not b/c of the saggy boobs b/c mine are tiny!  But I also think that maybe before pregnancy, I wasn't as bothered by having a tiny bit of midriff showing if I lifted my arms or whatever.  But post baby- forget it!!! 






  • Yep. I thought It was because my boobs were bigger, but they have gone down, and I weigh less than before I had I have no idea why, but I have hated getting rid of all of those shirts!
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  • YES!  Total muffin-top exposers :(

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  • Well, this is depressing! But I am glad I read it before I tried to get into my pre-pg clothes. I will just have to go shopping for all new stuff and not even open those two giant rubbermaid tubs marked "sz small". I just hope my shoes still fit when my cankles go away!
  • Mine are all like that & it bugs the piss out of me! I've had to go up 2 sizes just so they fit in the length. I haven't had to go up in the pant sizes, bra size, and my stomach has gone back down to my pre-pregnancy size. I don't understand it at all!!! Urgh!!

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