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DIY board books

Some people have asked about the board books - they were so easy to make and turned out great.

We used these blank board books:

They had 14 pages (including front and back cover.)  We found some others that only had 8 pages, and we wanted more.

We printed the pictures onto this glossy photo sticker paper:  (We used her home printer, but she has a great one.  I'd imagine you could also take your paper to kinkos to print as well.)

Then cut it down to 8x8, peeled the back off, and stuck to the page.  

We each set our pages up differently.  I used picasa and cropped down the pics to 8x8 and added my caption there.  Then I brought each one into word, made sure they were sized correctly and printed that way.  One of the others did it all in word, and did the 8x8 sizing when she cut it.  (I liked already knowing exactly where to cut.)  (And actually, I ended up sizing each picture to 7.9x7.9 so that it wouldn't hang over the edges at all.  Some of them have a thin white border on each page, but I didn't mind that.)  If it does hang over, you can use an exacto knife to trim.

Here is a link to an album with pictures of each page.

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Re: DIY board books

  • Oh, and next up I'm doing one called "What I love about Mondays"

    Full of pictures of Luke playing at my mom's on Mondays (she babysits that day.)  On the last page I'm going to put something about "and the best part is that I get to do it all with my Grandma!"

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  • Such a great idea!  Too bad we just have a laser jet printer with no color, lol.  I'll have to find another way to make it....maybe there's an online store that can make them.

    Love yours!   

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  • Great! Silly question, but how do you know if the picture is at 8x8? Do you just go to format picture in Word and then size?
  • I really think you could your docs on a flash drive and your photo sticker paper and have kinkos print them.  (Maybe even get the paper there, I'm not sure ...)
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  • Love it!
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  • imageBride7-14-07:
    Great! Silly question, but how do you know if the picture is at 8x8? Do you just go to format picture in Word and then size?

    Basically I used another program to crop the pic to a square size and then when I put it in word I did the format picture and made it 8x8 (or actually 7.9x7.9)  Then you could put your caption over it in word, or I actually did that part in picasa too.

    You just also just insert the entire pic into word, but you'd need to be aware that you'll be cropping it down when you cut the paper.  (So be aware of where you place the caption so that you don't cut it off.)

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  • What a great idea!!
  • These are too cute!!
  • so cute, thanks for sharing!
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  • Very sweet!  Good job!
  • Shameless (but helpful) commercial pitch:

    You can buy the books and adhesive labels together in a kit at our website. They work perfectly. Here are a bunch of examples: 

    Besides baby books, they are great literacy projects for preK though 6.

    All children should read (or be read to) 25 books per year. They will need a vocabulary of 30,000 words before they enter college. One way to promote reading and build vocabulary is to have children write down stories of their own. For small children, parents can take dictation while the child draws the pictures.



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