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local stores for chrisenting outfits?

I'm in the Hartford area and wondering about a christening/communion/uniform store.  When I was a kid, this was the type of place we went to for these things.  My boys are being baptized soon and I'd like something other than BrU.  thanks!

Re: local stores for chrisenting outfits?

  • I don't know about any local stores, but I know our Sears always has a good selection of christening outfits for boys and girls!
  • I don't know of any local stores either, but JCPenney also has very nice christening outfits.
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  • There is a place in Berlin called Mommy & Me. They also have a website http://www.shopmomandme.com/index.html

     Best Wishes and Congrats on twins!!!

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