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DH and I recently found out that we were pregnant.  I am planning to deliver at Texas Women's and I am now searching for a new OB doctor at OGA.  Does anyone have suggestions?

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  • I highly recommend Mary Alice Cowan. She is in Building One next to Womens and delivers there. I just saw her this a.m. She has been very thorough. During our worries over the past two weeks also very comforting.

    I had a cleint who came into my work the other day who is a Labor and Delivery nurse at Womans and when I mentioned her she had noting but good things to say.

    She is super sweet and so is most of her staff. I could pass on the desk lady but other than that they are great.


  • Dr. Patrice Firpo. LOVE her, and wish I could have brought her with me when we moved away from Houston.
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  • I delivered my daughter at Texas Women's last year.  I wished I had researched it more before I was pregnant.  Texas Women's has the highest C-section rate in the city.  Another negative with women's is that you can't see your baby for several hours after you have your baby. 

    I have since switched doctors in hopes to have a VBAC.  I'm not pregnant yet, but will deliver at St. Lukes next time.  I have heard amazing things about both St. Lukes and Memorial Hermann.  Sadly, just about everyone I know that has delivered at Women's ended up with a C-section. 

    Just some food for thought.   

    Dr. Hardwick-Smith is amazing doctor that delivers at Hermann.  I have numerous friends who go to her and love her. 

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