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Anyone have a child with a TORCH infection?

Our DD#2 just got this diagnosis from an infection in utero that caused blood vessel abnormalities on the right side of her brain.  I was very sick with this pregnancy, but my OB assured me our daughter was fine - and now she isn't.  We were told she may have developmental or cognitive delays - but we have also read blindness or deafness may occur too.  We are in the early stages of diagnostic testing, but should have some answers soon.

Re: Anyone have a child with a TORCH infection?

  • I was tested for TORCH when I was pregnant with my second son because I had polyhydramnios. Did you have that? It was negative, but he had Prader-Willi syndrome instead. No advice to offer, unfortunately, just hugs.
  • I do not have experience with a TORCH infection, but my son has a brain injury from oxygen deprivation before his birth.  There are a lot of really supportive, helpful ladies on here who have really helped me through this journey so far.  I hope you find similar support.

    It is the worst feeling ever to have a sick little one.  Hang in there. 

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    Carson Henry, born 39w, 2d, via emergency c/s due to no fetal movement and fetal distress.  Seizures, IVH grade 2, brain injury, kidney and liver damage.  Complete blood clot in the artery in his right arm.  27 days in the NICU.  Now discharged from all specialists, excepts his kidney doctor, who will monitor him indefinitely.  My tough little cookie.

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  • Thanks for the support ladies.  I did not have polyhydramnios.

    We should have more answers this week, depending on what it shows, I will probably be back for more support.

  • DS was born with the 'C' portion...Cytomegalovirus.  We had no idea I was even infected while I was pregnant and DS wasn't diagnosed until 7 days old.  Hopefully they'll be able to tell you which of the infections is causing the problems.  If it's CMV, please feel free to email me [email protected]
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