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Just wondering

So I was just curious as to how many of us on here have an older first child? I am TTC # 2 my DS just turned 7! I don't know where time has gone and I never planned on having children so far apart in age, but what do ya do!?

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  • My daughter just turned 5 almost 2 weeks ago. We started TTC again when she was 1 month old --- grrr. Definetly didn't think my kids would be this far apart lol.
  • I feel the same way.  DD will be 5 in a month, and I know I'm not in a family way now, so the closest I'll get is 6 years difference.  That boggles my mind.  I "wanted" (HA!!!) 2, maybe 3 years apart - 3 years MAX.  I was supposed to be working on #3 by now! 

    I just spent the last hour looking at her baby pics.  Not a great idea, really.  I can't believe I once held an infant, an infant who was mine.  She was so different then, and it's been so long... I had no idea what was to come.  Funny - the first thing I said after she was born was "Oh my God, I want to do that again!!!"  But, as you say, "what do ya do?"  Not much - just hope, and pray. 

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  • I win!  (just kidding lol)  My dd will be 11 in January.  She's a product of a previous relationship though, not this marriage.

    I have days where I think I'm completely nuts for wanting to do it again but days that I can't wait.

  • HA! I guess you do win! lol My DS is from a previous relationship as well...and unplanned at that! It's crazy how things "just happen" one time and several years down the road, your body is all screwed up making it pretty well impossible for an "accident" to ever happen again!
  • Yes, that's right just hope and pray. I hardly remember when my DS was just a baby, seems so distant, and now he has recently informed me that he "is not a kid anymore, he's a young man!" lol and a tear
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