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My induction without an epidural. *written 2 years after the fact*

 I had an OBGYN as my care provider. She evaded many of my questions and never would give me a straight answer to anything I asked. So 41 weeks rolls around. "your placentas breakin down your babys gonna DIE!" "Well cant we do a NST?" "We dont do those here" So there I was, pregnant with my first chlid, patiently awaiting labor and shes telling me my babys going to DIE. So i agreed to an induction. :( I went in at 9 to start. My night nurse blew a vein in my right hand and had to do my left. I was being rather pissy about it, (it was SWOLLEN and sore!) and she made this comment "If you complain about a blown vein how are you ever going to go natural???" What a ***! So anyway, my morning nurse was MUCH better. She was a Lamaze instructor and was very supportive. She brought me a heated rice sock to help me out and all. (Shes actually my doula this time around...) Well at 1 I was told I was 3 cm dilated and would dialte a cm a hour. SO 15 minutes later I have to go to the bathroom. SO I unplug my monitors and walk my happy butt to the bathroom. Im on the toilet for about 20 minutes getting sufficiently pissed off because I thought I was constipated. ("Just my luck!") My nurse comes in to check me, Im still on the toilet, Runs to the bed and starts clicking the button like CRAZY. Comes back over. I start FREAKING OUT. "Whats wrong??????" She gives me this wierd look adn tells me "YOur babys heads right there, youre about to deliver." WTF?!?!??!?! She kicked EVERYONE except me and my hubby out the room. Comes over to me and says "The heads right there if you want to feel." ... OKAY! 8D It was incredible. I swear, all the pain I was feeling disappeared at that moment. She even got my hubby a glove so he could reach in and feel. HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE!

Well my dr comes in. They move me back to the bed. SO Im pushing. I come up to push, baby's crowning at this point, and see my dr holding SCISSORS?!?!?! "DONT *** CUT ME!!!!!" Did she listen??? NO!!!! I shouldve sued. I told her before "I dont want an episiotomy, I would rather TEAR." I only pushed for about 15 minutes on the bed, hearttones stayed great the whole time. Nothing was wrong. She was just in a rush. I only got 2 stitches I think but STILL. Thats my vagina youre cutting. ***.

Adalyn Clover was born at 2:23 pm on October 14, 2008. She weighed 6 lbs, 12 ozs and was 20 inches long. She was put right on my chest all gooey and delish straight from the womb. She was nursing within 10 minutes of being born- my lil pro! We were both discharged the next day.

Anywayssssss, this time around I have a midwife and Im homebirthing. My daughters birth was wonderful in so many ways but there was much about it I didint like. LIke constant monitoring. The water temp in the tubs would never even get warm to where I could relax. The scared induction. The refused NST. I didnt feel like I was respected. I also was too timid to stand up for myself more against this woman who had a phd etc etc.

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Re: My induction without an epidural. *written 2 years after the fact*

  • I have had doctors make me feel like an idiot for trying to explain what's going on with me. I think I know me better than they do. Now I've gotten to where I just don't say anything. Get the baby out and I'll do what I need to do when we get home.

    I'm glad your baby was born healthy. Congratulations.

  • I can't believe the Dr. performed an episiotomy so clearly without your consent.  That is so horrible!  And it sounds like it was comPLETEly unnecessary.  I wish you would have sued--that was battery! Seriously this person is just going around inflicting birth trauma on people unfettered!  What a nutjob.

    Ok, calming down...I understand not suing.  Glad you're going to be in a better environment this time around!  Congrats on your daughter and on #2!

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