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Hello! im new to the area, with my husband and my 9wk old daugther. So far i havent done anything or met not one person even though its a huge base. Any other new moms w/ new borns out there? im realllly interested in meeting some other wifes and babies!!!

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  • Well I dont have a newborn, however I have been here for almost 4 years. So if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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  • Check out opsec facts your e-mail should not be your sn.
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  • DH and I will be PCSing to fort bragg sometime in january.  I dont have a newborn but i do have a LO and would love to meet other mommys!

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  • I'm not a new mommy, I've got a two year old and baby brother is on the way. We have been here for just a tad over three years.  Let me tell ya, it won't be hard to meet people around here, they are everywhere!!!!lol  feel free to ask any questions you might have  
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