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Is he right or should I be mad

I was feeling very upset a few nights ago because my due date would have been coming up if I had not miscarriage. My husband could see that I was upset and asked me what was the matter and I told him why. After being quite for a moment he said well you did smoke. I asked him if he was blaming me and he said no maybe I should quit before hand so that it does not happen again. And yes I know smoking is bad and I had stopped smoking as soon as I knew I was pregnant the first time. And have been smoke free for a good bit of time. 

Re: Is he right or should I be mad

  • I agree with PP.  It's hard enough not to blame yourself with a m/c.  The last thing you need is your partner blaming you too.  I'm so sorry. *hug*
  • NO YOU SHOULD BE MAD...What kind of reply was that "well you did smoke"??????That was not a nice thing to say especially when you are at such a sensitive and hurtful time.

    Of course you should never smoke while pregnant, but I cannot believe he would say that to you, even if he thought it he should have kept it to himself!!! 


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