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Not AF- why is this taking so long?

Last week (4w1d post D&C) I started to bleed like a normal period for a day then it tapered to spotting and then nothing 2 days later.  I really thought for a hot second that it was AF, but wasn't sure bc it only lasted a day.

I POAS this morning (5 weeks post D&C) and there's still a very, very, very faint line!  Come on body!  WTF?  Granted, I was almost 14 weeks when I m/c, but seriously... these hormones are just taking their effing time.

Did anyone else take a long time to get back to normal?  How long after you reached 0 did AF come?  Tell me this isn't going to take forever...

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Re: Not AF- why is this taking so long?

  • My doctor warned me that when levels get into the teens you can get af. My last m/c af came a few days after I got my negative hcg quant. It can take some time for your levels to go to 0 and the lower they get, the slower they may drop. Sorry its dragging so long.
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  • My level was at 0 for about a week and then AF came.  It was 6 weeks after my loss.
  • I had what my OB called a 'withdrawl bleed' light reddish/brown flow for 2-3 days with 2 days of brown spotting 1 week post D&C at 14 weeks gestation. It was likely the sign of my hcg and progesterone falling to below pregnant levels. My OB said it will likely be another 28 days after this bleeding before I get AF, as in, my regular cycle began on day 1 of this second onset flow and not on the day of the D&C. Since you had a D&C and not a natural miscarriage, the likelihood of high hcg levels into further weeks is a bit lower. If my experience is of any guideline, I would guess this is also what you experienced, so you can probably expect AF sometime at the end of this month...
  • I had a D&C over 6 weeks ago and still no AF....its very frustrating...I was 8 weeks along when I miscarried...I can't wait to start trying better come back!!!

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  • My m/c took 20 days from when I started until I stopped bleeding.  I've been having my blood tested regularly over the 6 weeks since then and I'm hoping that today's draw will finally be the big Zero.  AF just came yesterday and she's here with a vengance.  It does seem like it's been taking forever to get back to normal.  Sorry you're having to go through this--I hope your body gets with the program soon.
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  • It took me 9 weeks to get back to zero (I was 9 weeks when I miscarried and my hcg was maybe around 150,000). I got my period at about 5 weeks when my betas were in the teens, but I did have a huge bleed of left-over D&C "gunk" (my doctor's lovely term) at about 4 weeks post-D&C, following an internal u/s that kind of loosened the pot. My betas lingered under 5 going down like a half a point at a time for a couple weeks, which is what took so long. I'm sorry you are going through this. I found the waiting for AF to be intolerable.
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