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How much weight should you gain with twins?

I am almost 24 weeks pregnant with twin girls on the way!! I have only gained about 17lbs to date and worried that I am going to have small babies. 

I eat 3 meals a day, have not had many junk food cravings, and sometimes still get nauseaous. 

How much are you suppose to gain with twins?  When does most of the weight come on?? 

Re: How much weight should you gain with twins?

  • If your doc isn't worried, I wouldn't be. Dr. Luke's book has some guidelines that some people here follow loosely. It also depends on how much you weighed before hand too. I was a little overweight at 5"7 and 165 pounds and only gained 20 lbs. My babies were good weights at 5 lbs. 10 oz. and 6 lbs.
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  • My doctor recommended 45 lbs.  (I started at 5'8" and was 130 lbs)  Her rec also aligns with Dr. Luke's rec.  So that's what I'm sticking with.  So far, I'm up 11 lbs.
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  • My OB told me 35-45 lbs is normal for a twin pregnancy.  I'm finally back to about where I was at my first appt (I lost 5 lbs between 8 & 12 weeks) but I'm still down 5-6 lbs from when I got my BFP.  I'm a plus-sized mom so I have a bit extra to start with but I'm hoping to actually gain some weight with this pregnancy rather than lose like I did with our son (had GD and was on meds the whole time).
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  • I wasn't given any guidelines whatsoever. I read the Dr. Luke book and talked to my OB about it, she thought it was insane :) 

    I was underweight to start with, so far I've gained 31 pounds in (almost) 28 weeks. Probably about a pound a week until I hit week 20 then I gained a little over a pound a week and lately the gain has slowed down.

    The only change I made in my diet was I stopped counting calories, but I haven't been eating anything extra (i.e. meals/snacks).  

  • Dr. Luke recommends a gain of 37-54 lbs for a twin pregnancy if the mother starts out in the normal weight range. (I forget the goals if you start out underweight or overweight.) There's good research to back that up, so I felt comfortable following her guidelines. In the book I think she says 40-56 lbs but she more recently revised those guidelines slightly based on further research. I gained 54 lbs and delivered my twins at my scheduled induction at 37w6d. They weighed 6.10 and 6.7.
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  • I gained 70 lbs. Whoops. Most of that weight being fluid. I'm down 50 as of today.
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  • My MFM made no recommendation; he felt that as long as the babies were growing on track, my weight wasn't a big issue, even though I had trouble gaining. I gained 25 lbs and delivered via scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. My guys were 5 lbs 10 oz and 5 lbs 13 oz and healthy.
  • my dr. reccomended 50lbs. I gained 56lbs.

    started: 125lbs (5'2") - ended up 181lbs - but I lost weight in the 1st tri due to complications. I think I was 117 at 8 weeks??  My LOs were 5lbs 2oz and 6lbs 1 oz born at 27 weeks.

  • i was up 43 lbs as of last tuesday.  i'm having them tomorrow.

    FWIW, i gained 45 with my DD.

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  • I am overweight and gained 60lbs when I was pg with my DD (eeek, I know), but lost 40 of it.  So I started this pregnancy 20lbs heavier.  As of my appt on Friday I am up 34lbs.  Which I am very pleased with.  The last week I actually lost 3lbs, but the week before I had gained 8lbs.  I am also experiencing a lot of swelling.  I gained most of my weight in the third tri.  I had really bad m/s so I spent all of the first and second tri throwing up.
  • I hadn't gained a thing until 20wks when our OB and MFM put me on the high protien boost shakes. I gained 12lb in 4wks with those. The boys have been measuring on track the entire time. Now I'm up 25-30 and our ob said even though I was the tiniest bit overweight starting out, he'd still like me to gain another 10-15lb. I've been eatin very clean/healthy and was told not to follow Dr.Lukes food guidelines but to continue eating how I was but to pretty much double my meats and dairy when I could. The MFM and OB both said I'd most likely give myself GD if I followed Dr Lukes guidelines. I don't count calories but I make sure that I get 3full meals and try to get good snacks inbtwn. But for the sake of avoiding boost shakes our docs did say I could have a milkshake to have something better tasting :-)
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  • At my 24 week appt I had gained 7 lbs total.

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  • Thanks everyone for sharing.  Our MFM has not had any concerns about the babies size to date, so that's good.  I have an appt next Tues and will ask to make sure we are all on the same page.  Thanks again moms and moms to be!!!
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