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New poster and question

Hi all,

After my 1st miscarriage in June I lurked on this board but didn't really post. Reading did help me as I knew there were women going through the same thing I was. I was also trying to stay positive as I knew I wanted to try again. 

We did IVF #2 this month and my beta was set for 10/28. On 10/26 I took an HPT and got a positive, YAY!! Unfortunately that night I started to bleed. I called the nurse and she said to come in 1028 for the test.  Turns out it was a chemical pregnancy, my HCG was only 13. I have to go back Monday to make sure it's down to 0. I am going to try again but it's really hitting me hard right now :(

Here is my question, have any of you that had c/p's experience severe cramping and very heavy bleeding? I was under the impression it would be more like a regular period but this is almost worse than my 1st mc?

Hugs to all of you and thank you for helping me to see I'm not alone.


Re: New poster and question

  • I had a chemical pregnancy in August.  I did have really horrible bleeding and cramping.  I don't know if that was the norm for anyone else but for me it was.

    I am so sorry for your losses and my prayers are with you. 

  • I'm just finishing up my chemical AF and I didn't have much cramping (but then again I almost never have cramping for any AF). Bleeding was heavier than usual but not as bad as the AF after my first D&C.

    So sorry about your chemical.

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  • I'm so sorry for your losses.  I do not have any CP experience, but I have heard both--heavy cramping/bleeding, or just like AF.

    I hope your levels get to 0 soon!  ((hugs)) 

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  • Thanks so much ladies :) 

    and so sorry for your losses as well ((HUGS)) 

  • I had a CP this month. The first two days were worse than a normal period, but after that, it was pretty "normal period-ish". The "heavy" bleeding lasted for about 1 day beyond what it normally does.

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  • Thanks again for your responses. It was nice to know the severe cramping and heavy bleeding wasn't completely abnormal. I started to feel better physically Sunday, I'm just really tired. I heard back from my RE and my levels are back to 0. Happy and sad at the same time :(

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