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2nd AF after D&C

I had a D&C on Aug. 10 I then had my first AF Sept. 18 and no period still I am 2 weeks late and definitely not pregnant. Took like 10 tests!! First question can I still get pregnant with no AF? Second question how long do you think it might take till my next period? Third question should I make a Dr. appt?

Re: 2nd AF after D&C

  • I can't answer specifics to your questions, but can say that I'm in a similar situation but with one main difference.  I had spotted/bleed brown before and after what we think was a period around mid Sept.  Since I spotted/bled so long my doctor had me go in for a high res u/s (since the low res showed "something").  Just heard last week that the high res results are normal.  Still don't understand why I bleed (at low levels) for over two months....

    A little different situation, but I'm also wondering where AF is these days. Has everything else been normal (normal first AF, no bleeding/spotting outside of AF)?  If you're worried, I'd call you doctor.  If Murphy's law works, you'll get AF right after you call your doctor. :)

  • Can you still get pregnant with no AF?  It's possible.  You may not have ovulated yet or you may have ovulated late.  It could be that you are pregnant but your levels aren't high enough yet for a hpt to detect them. 

    I would call your Dr and talk to them.  While it may just take some time for your body to regulate and get back on track at some point your doctor may want to run some blood tests or they can give you medicine to jump start your period.  GL!

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