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Facial pimple things on LO suddenly...

LO is one month old and suddenly has pimple like things in her cheeks and outside the eyes. Is this an allergy to something or common for a month old...she never really had skin issues at birth, and this is really the only thing since, which almost makes me wonder if she is allergic to something...but I can't guess what it might be...nothing new has been implemented

Re: Facial pimple things on LO suddenly...

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    I would think it would be hard to distinguish without actually seeing the blemishes... baby acne is common. DD has baby acne and eczema and sometimes they come and go suddenly (like throughout the day!) and look like a rash.
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    Most likely it's just baby acne. It comes and goes pretty fast. My DS #`1 only had it once, but DS2 has had it twice now, with both times lasting almost five days. My pedi has advised to leave it alone as putting something on it may irritate it, and make it worse.

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    My pedi told us to expect baby acne around 1 month. Apparently, it is caused by LO's withdrawal from your hormones and switching over to regulating his/her own hormonal balance. My DD has a few tiny pimples, but they don't seem to be bothering her.

    If it looks like mild acne, it's probably fine and normal. If it looks like a rash or is really red or painful-looking, call your pediatrician.

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