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DD wants to sleep with me.. bedtime drama q

I thought DD's sleep issues were over..

When she was a baby, she didn't STTN until about 14 months.  It wasn't too bad though - she went to bed on her own, and she would cry early in the morning, so I would go in and sleep with her for a couple hours (since DH goes to work super early anyway).

Since then she has slept SO well.  She has a full size bed, stays in her bed and goes to sleep great.  However, some issues have come up since I had our 2nd baby.  I sleep with the baby a lot (at least part of the night) because she nurses during the night, and DH is not home much (goes to bed really late or really early, and leaves before we wake up).

Recently my 3.5 year old BEGS me to sleep with me.  Like SOBS.  DH lets her sleep in our bed once in a while - like when she has been sick (throwing up all night type of thing) or she watches a movie on our bed and falls asleep).  But like last night she was sobbing that she didn't want to sleep in our bed, she wanted to sleep with me in the baby's room.  A teeny piece of me wishes I could, but it is probably a bad idea.  (Baby goes to bed after her, and wakes up often).

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Advice?  Co-sleeping was fine for us, we never had a problem breaking her from co-sleeping, but this is like a sudden change where she sobs every night that she wants to sleep with me and the baby.  I feel super bad :(

Re: DD wants to sleep with me.. bedtime drama q

  • lol yeah. tell her no. say that "im sorry. but this is your bed. i love you and we can cuddle tomorrow." do NOT start it - unless you are prepared for it to stick.
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  • DD goes through spurts like that.  She says she is scared by bad dreams, and wants to sleep in our room.  We started telling her that Friday is family night, and she can fall asleep in our room, but Daddy will take her to her room when she falls asleep.  Every other night, she has to go to bed like a "big girl" to get the special treat. 
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  • Dd does similar things, but doesn't sobs. When I tuck her in (daddy does stories, teeth, jammies etc while I nurse piper and put her to sleep) she wraps her arms around me and says "you stuck forever" or "stay, cuddle me, I need lovings" Either way it melts me, I usually stay for a little bit, but in a way that isn't the most comfy or I tell her that I'm going to go do the dishes or whatever, and will be back to check on her when I'm done, or going to bed etc.

    I wouldn't start to cosleep at this point, but that is me. As for the baby's room, I would just say firmly that this is her room where she goes to sleep and that is the baby's room (if you think your dc would get it, you could try to explain that the baby gets up crying during the night etc). You may want to put aside some special time for her. I found that for us, telling sara that she can jump in our bed in the morning and cuddle me then was usually enough. But I made sure she had special mommy cuddle time in the morning to look forward to.

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