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City Select and other Double Qs

Hi ladies!  I'm over from 12-24 for your stroller expertise.  I read back 20 pages and saw good recs for the City Select, which I liked in the store.  I really think I need a double based on everyone's comments - DS will be 22 months and we use our stroller constantly, sometimes for hours at a time, so a sit and stand or similar probably won't work for us.

I can't seem to figure out if the City Select reclines when it's set up for a double.  If not, is that a problem?  I don't use recline often, but the option is nice.  Did you like the infant seat/regular seat combo, or did you end up just using two seats?  I had big problems with accessing the City Mini's basket (I had a 2 month loan) the Select's really as good as it looks?  Anything else good or bad that I should know?

It also seems like people like the Bumbleride and Phil and Ted's...I'm wary of the Chicco because I hated my Chicco single, but all recs are very much welcome.  I'm choking on the price tags, but I'm hoping a generous grandparent will come through for me.

Thank you!! 

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Re: City Select and other Double Qs

  • I don't have the city select, but we tried it out at the store and really, really hated it. I was super bummed out because I thought it was perfect, but the seats are TINY. My not-yet-2-year-old is squished in there and his feet hang down about 2 inches from the footrest. Also, it's not really all that smooth to push around. It's also HEAVY and awkward to fold. I know a lot of people like it, but it definitely was not for us. 


    We ended up getting the Bumbleride Indie Twin and it's perfect for us. Pretty much everything we wanted in a double stroller. Good luck making a decision! 

  • Just a comment.  I've been looking at doubles too.  When I first started DS was all about the stroller.  We'd go on hour long walks.  He'd happily sit through the mall and any other store.  Just before he turned two he also turned anti stroller.  He won't get in one for a walk around the block.  At the mall he's good for a little bit, but then wants up and out.

    I know this is just my personal experience, but he's starting to be over the stroller thing.  I'm not due until March so I'm waiting to see what the trend goes toward.

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  • Yes, they recline.  The top one won't recline as much when you are using both seats.  We got the infant seat adapter and used that for a few months.  The basket is under the seats, but we don't have an issue getting to it. 

    The biggest plus for me is being able to lift it in and out of my car.  I couldn't lift any of the other ones because I have some back problems. 

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  • We have the City Select and I originally didnt like it in the store but once I compared it to all of the other tandem strollers, it was the best option by far. 

    Side by side was not an option for us because I mainly use the stroller for shopping and I would never be able to get around with a SBS. 

    The seats on the city select have an adjustable footrest and canopy so if the settings in the store look small, check to see if they are on the higher/toddler setting.  Reclining both seats at the same time really only works in certain setups but my toddler wont sleep in the stroller anyway so I'm not worried about that.  I love that I can use it as a single now and again once DS isnt interested in a stroller anymore.  The basket is great, very big and easy to get into (that was one of my big issues since I have other strollers with crappy baskets).  You can also unzip it in the front and back to allow for a bigger basket and easier access.  Also, I disagree with PP about maneuverability.  I think it is super easy to push and you can even turn one handed.  My friend with a graco tandem was very impressed that I could open a door and turn the stroller in with just one hand.  You have to remember that it is a tandem so make sure you're comparing it to other double strollers and not single strollers.

    I'm really happy with our decision but it was a tough one, there are so many strollers out there.  Just depends on how you'll be using it.


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  • Thank you SO MUCH, ladies! I really appreciate all the comments.  I will make sure I get somebody very knowledgeable who can show me all the settings to make it comfortable for a toddler, and I will definitely stick DS into it for a test!  We're in downtown Chicago so I am very nervous about a sbs since sometimes I can barely make it with a single, so the maneuverability/shopping info is especially helpful.

    I'm not due until March so I will definitely make a decision a few months from now.  We're hopefully moving so my hands are tied - I can't do anything!  So frustrating.  Instead I'm planning so that I know exactly what I need when the time finally comes.

    I don't think I have any other questions, but any other feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! 

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  • I LOVE love my Phil and Ted's Dash.  It's awesome!  I ended up getting it from for $476 shipped, with taxes.
  • We just got the city select ( had it over $100 off, said it was an open box, everything was still in the original packaging), and while I've only wheeled it around the house and we went to the mall once, I am pretty happy with it.  I will say it is wider than my chicco cortina.  The basket is bigger, but unless you unzip it, it is a little hard to access the stuff underneath.  Once it's unzipped it is fine. 

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