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moving LO to a new bedroom

We're thinking about baby #2 coming up and are trying to figure out what would be best. 

We'd like to leave all the nursery furniture in LO's current room and just move him to his new big boy room.  We'd do it soon, so he didn't associate with the new baby taking over his room. 

I am super nervous about this.  Anyone had to move LO to a new room?  How'd it go?  Suggestions?  I think in general I'm just real nervous to move him to a big boy bed.  He totally loves his crib and I'd keep him in there forever if I could!!

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Re: moving LO to a new bedroom

  • We are going to be moving dd to a bigger room that's right next to her current room. It's almost ready for her to switch over, just have to hang a few more pictures and a mirror. We have been keeping the door to her new room open and she loves going in there and looking at everything and calls it her big girl room. She's really excited and now when we say lets go to your room she usually goes to her new one. I'm just trying to get her excited about the move even though I'm nervous too! This coming Friday is the first night she will sleep in there so hopefully it won't be a disaster!
  • We are currently in this position.

    What we are doing (and it is working well) is starting off with little things first. Like, we let him pick the color for the paint in his new room. He helped up pick out a new bed. Then we put his toys in the new room. Then we started taking naps in there. We are at this point now. But I really think that the nighttime switch will come easy -- at least I hope so!!

    So really, just start off slow and keep changes small at first. And start soon!! We probably waited a little too long! Good luck!

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  • We moved DS to a new room to make room for the baby when DS was about 22 months old, a couple of months before she arrived so he wouldn't associate with move with his little sister.  We did move all of his furniture and make his new room as much like his old room as possible.  He didn't miss a beat.

    DS's crib is convertible, and we still haven't changed it to a toddler bed yet.  He kept all his furniture, and we got new stuff for DD.

    If your DS loves his crib, why do you want to move him out of it?  I am guessing it's not convertible?  Do you have to buy new furniture for the new baby anyway?  If so, you could buy just a new convertible crib, so he could stay in it and leave the old crib in the new baby's room.  Just a thought.

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