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Advice needed for 2 yr old who won't keep diaper on

during nap or bedtime.

So far this week he has managed to get it off at every single nap/bedtime. I've tried feetie pj's, and putting it on backwards. I just finished cleaning up the second sh*tty mess in as many days. This has been going on for a couple weeks and I'm hitting my limit.

Dd never did this, so I'm sort of at a loss. He is nowhere near being ready for potty training.




Re: Advice needed for 2 yr old who won't keep diaper on

  • Duct tape.

    And... I'm 100% NOT kidding.

    Only needed it for a few days and then when we stopped using it he'd forgotten about how much fun it was to take off his diaper. 

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  • ditto duck tape

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  • triple ditto duct tape! ;)
  • Another vote for duct tape!  DD did attempt to take the duct tape off, but once she realized it was pointless--she stopped.  Give it a shot!
  • We used the clear wide packing tape and wound it around several times.  It worked!


  • Also, there is this dark grey duct tape that I only had to put on the sides where he could peel his diaper off...there was no need to wrap it around several times. :)  So try it without  wrapping first-but my ds might just not have had the fine motor skills at the time! ;)
  • Snuggi (I think that is the brand) has zip up sleepers that have feet that can be covered or uncovered. Uncover the feet, put those on backwards and zip up.

    The key is that they need to be zip up so that they can not pull hard and pop the buttons. 

    Best of luck to you!

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  • Duct tape - a friend of mine had to do it with both of her sons!
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