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Candy - Mini Poll

I can't believe the amount of junk DD usually comes home with.  (Yummy unk, but junk none-the-less!)  I keep wanting to hand out healthier treats, but am aware of people who might be wary of such a thing - apples will probably be tossed right out.  My dilemma prompts this mini-poll:
1. Have any of you thought about handing out healthier treats?  If so, what?
2. Have you ever given back any of your candy, to programs such as they run from Dentist's offices?  "we'll buy your candy" etc?  If so, do you know where the candy goes after you "donate" it to them?
3. What do you do with all the goodies that DC comes home with?
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!
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Re: Candy - Mini Poll

  • they had a halloween party at school today... their treats are in the bowl for trick or treaters ... I'm mean... but they can have a piece here and there. 
  • I have thought about the healthier treat, or providing tricks... lmao! but nothing really seems right...

    My mom used to have us sort our candy (keep half, donate half/pitch what wasn't sealed etc) I hated it as a kid, so I'm not fond of that as an adult. I have no idea what the dentist does with it (I was certain as a kid my mom and dad at it, but who knows)

    Last year we shared some of dd's but as we only did a block or two she didn't get that much anyway and was only allowed to have some as a treat so it lasted a while.



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  • I believe most dentists send them overseas to the troops. 
  • DD doesn't have much of a sweet tooth; except for the occasional cookie, the sweetest things she eats are apples/applesauce and yogurt. I have offered her a piece of cake or a piece of candy but she's not really interested--and I'm not complaining.  :)

    1.  Haven't considered giving out healthy snacks.  A few folks from my old neighborhood would do that when I was younger but I always hated it.  I wanted candy.

    2.  No, never given back candy.  This is DD's first year REALLY trick-or-treating.  We only plan to hit about 5 houses--she won't have that much anyway.  

    3.  I'll probably make a stash bag for the pantry.  When I need a little something sweet, I'll poke around but for the most part it'll probably just stay in there until I end up throwing it away.   

  • 1- I have thought of giving out playdoh (they sell the mini cans in Halloween colors), pre-packaged Halloween pretzels made by UTZ, or fruit leather, but we don't hand out candy at our home (we live in the country), so I have never followed through on the idea

    2 -  No, because we don't trick-or-treat very many places - mostly family and friends - so we just keep the candy around.  All of the flyers I have gotten from DD's preschool about buy-back programs are for the troops right now.

    3 - we let her eat some on Halloween, then we put it up where she can't get to it.  It is then used as a reward, or sometimes a treat for myself when I need a sugar boost.

  • I've seen lots of somewhat healthier options lately like pretzels or popcorn. We have a rule at halloween that DD can have a few pieces on halloween night and then one a day until her candy is gone. She pretty much only eats chocolate candy, so once we take out all the hard or chewy candy she doesn't have too much left.
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  • This year I gave out the candy that my girls have brought home in party gift bags and gotten at things like that since it was that or the trash and we don't get many kids so I didn't want to buy new stuff.  My kids will get a piece of candy a day for a few days and then I'll put it away into our treat basket and anything that we don't like, I'll take to work and leave for my co-workers to eat.  My older DD is really not into candy and sweets overall but my LO has a sweet tooth like me so the less in the house, the better.  My girls know that after parties and things like this, all the candy goes in the treat basket.  We don't eat most of it but its nice to have around for special occasions and we typically have a New Year's Party so I will put stuff from that basket out for that night.
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