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tests after 2nd m/c question

I've noticed that there are a few ladies on here who have just had a 2nd miscarriage.  Is anyone's doctor doing any testing after the second miscarriage or are they having you wait to see if you have a 3rd?


My doctor i think is doing full blood work to check hormones, lupus etc.  Just curious if I should request anything else or what.   I'm just feeling a bit confused...hearing that "at least you aren't infertile" isn't something that's making me feel better about this whole ordeal

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  • I am not sure if they'll do testing.  I miscarried over the weekend and need to call my doctor first thing today (office isn't open yet) so I'll hopefully find out today or tomorrow if there will be any testing. 
  • Many doctors are beginning to test after a second consecutive miscarriage.  I find it amazing that women are expected to lose three children before some doctors will test.  What else in medicine do we do that for?  Oh, you've only had two heart attacks? We don't test until you've had a third.

    I would just ask for a list of the all tests run and the results.  It sounds like they are doing a thrombophilia panel which should give you plenty of information.  Not so typical would be to test for natural killer cell levels and/or dq alpha matching for you and your partner.  You can google those things and ask your doc about them but they are rather controversial with regards to pregnancy loss.  The thrombophilia panel will give you results for clotting disorders which are known to cause issues with pregnancy.

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  • Yes, latest data in the OBGYN world shows there is no need to wait for 3 and testing should begin after 2.

     My doc is doing the full blood work battery (TSH, lupus, diabetes, etc) and also is sending the MC'd baby to genetic testing to see if there is something genetic that is causing it.


    I'm sorry for your losses. (hugs)


  • thanks ladies!  My doctor actually sent my first m/c for genetic testing and everything came back ok.  I'll patiently wait for these test results and we'll keep trying in the mean time....
  • We had testing done on the baby that we lost at 8.5 weeks and it turned out to have Turner's Syndrome which is usually just a random chromosome abnormality. However, our doctor recommended us to be tested so we each got a karyotype to test our chromosomes to make sure we were okay. Sure enough, just found out yesterday we are fine! As relieved as I am, I almost just want something to be wrong so we can fix it and not have to go through another miscarriage again. I am not sure when we will start trying again but I am SO scared to have to go through another loss. 

     I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you luck on the path to having a healthy baby!  

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