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DS suddenly *very* attached to mama?

Is this some 2 year old phase nobody told me about?  DS turned 2 in September and up until lately, has always been a major daddy's boy.  Lately, though, it's all mama all the time.  He doesn't want DH putting him to bed, he wants mama.  He doesn't want to go bye-bye with DH, he wants mama.  Etc, etc., etc.  I can tell it really hurts DH's feelings, so that sucks too.  The only other thing is that we moved from TX to WI a few months ago, so maybe it has more to do with that major change?

Just curious whether this is a common thing with 2 year olds.  And any tips on how to handle it would be great, too.  I want to start going back to the gym in the worst way, but when we tried it a few weeks back he screamed bloody murder every time we went, and the childcare center ended up coming to get me after 15 minutes or so.  :( 

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Re: DS suddenly *very* attached to mama?

  • Ellie went through that too. It is hard, because my dh took it really personally, too. You just kind of have to go with it, and hope it doesn't last long. Also maybe think of something really fun that you know he'd love to do and have dh do it with him. Some good one on one doing something really fun may help. And I would bet it is related on some level to your move. Kids react in funny ways! Just when you think you've got it figured out...
  • Going through that right now. I'm the FT working parent in this family, so I think he's just starting to notice how much more often I'm gone than DH is. He now freaks when I drop him at daycare, when he has to spend the night at Grandma's (I have to put him to bed myself, Grandma's not allowed to, after that he's fine), or if I want to take a shower! I'm allowed to leave the house, just not the room. He also won't let DH put him to bed if I'm home. I'm chalking it up to a phase, but I sure hope it doesn't last much longer.
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  • I just posted about this on another board.  DS does the same thing.  If I leave the houset to do anything he stands at teh back door and cries the whole time I am gone and if DH tries to console him or play with him he cries harder and tells him to go away.  If I run to the store, I usually end up taking DS with.
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