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Decreased appetite

Around the same time i noticed my son's first molar coming in, I also noticed that he was giving me such a hard time with meals.  He fights us at almost every meal but we mange to get in about 50% of what he normally would be taking.  He is drinking fine.  Is this decreased appetite likely coming from his molars or any other ideas?  He is also having trouble sleeping through the night (in the past slept 11 hours every night without a problem) and wakes up at 3a-4a.

Anyone else's 2 yr. old in this phase? 



Re: Decreased appetite

  • Yes! When DD molars came in she hardly ate, and we went about a month where she was waking up EVERY 2-3 hours at night. It was hell. It was worse than having a newborn. I wAs considering sleep training all over agin, but thankfully it all went back to normal after her teeth came in.
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  • Everytime my son would teethe he would have a decreased appetite for a few days to a week.  Once it would pop through he would eat a ton to make up for it!  Just keep offering things that DC usually likes, and also softer foods or milk. That way they keep up the calorie intake.
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