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Newer To The Bump - Question About Charting

Hi Ladies, 

I am newer on the bump and have been lurking for a couple of weeks. My DH and I have been TTC for over a year now. I just want to say I have found so much helpful information from everyone here and hope to start posting regularly. :) 

 I just signed up for FF and plan on taking advantage of the tutorials and lessons that are being sent to my e-mail, but tomorrow is going to be CD 1 for me and I just have a quick question.  I know that you have to take your temp each morning before you get up and do anything but does it have to be the same time everyday or am I good so long as I temp before getting out of bed? Also I've noticed people recommending TCOYF quite a bit.  Is this something you buy in the store or can you find it online to read?  Any information would be greatly appreciated, and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! 

Re: Newer To The Bump - Question About Charting

  • Yes, you need to temp at the same time each morning.  You can buy TCOYF from the bookstore, Amazon, or rent from the library.  WELCOME
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  • Hi there! You should be temping every day at the same time. I am new to charting/temping too. TCOYF is a book you can buy in any bookstore or online. I found mine at a used bookstore actually. It's a great help. Good luck!
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  • Yes you have to temp within 30 minutes of the same time every day. I don't know if TCOYF is online but I would check with Amazon, they may have it for a kindle if that is what you use. 

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  • you want to try and take your temp around the same time every morning usually within a half an hour, FF will give u an open circle meaning it may not be an accurate temp if its outside that half hour. i bought my TCOYF at a local bookstore. gl to u
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  • Yup, temping same time (or as close to it as you can get) every morning, before doing anything other than reaching for the thermometer after you wake up (no sitting up, no getting up, don't turn on a light unless you have to, etc....), after at least 3 solid hours of sleep.   That's the ideal way.

    Welcome!  Good luck!



  • Welcome and Good Luck!  I bought TCOYF at Barnes and Noble.  And I find its better for me to take my temp at the same time each day because otherwise I wonder what would it have been if I had taken it at the same time.  I went out of town this cycle and forgot my BBT and its making me crazy because my chart is screwed up.  Just finally got dotted CH today!
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  • Thank you everyone for your help on this! From what I've read FF is pretty nice so I hope it works good for me.
  • Welcome!  Yes, you need to temp the same time every morning.  I set my alarm for 7am every day. When we started TTC our first LO, I purchased TCOYF and it was def worth the investment.  I look back to it often, even when we're not TTC.  I got my copy at our local Borders, but I'm sure you can find it much cheaper online.
  • I think your questions have been answered... so I just wanted to say welcome to the board! 

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