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Help! my boobs are killing me!!

OK so my boobs are absolutely KILLING me. My D&E was 2 days ago and I guess because the milk got there fast it's drying up now but it hurts SO bad!! Can anyone tell me anything that will help with the pain or what I can do to ease it? My SIL said massage and squeeze a little bit out to relieve pressure but I can't even touch them they hurt so bad. Help!!
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Re: Help! my boobs are killing me!!

  • No don't massage them that will only stimulate more to come in.  Strap them in tight with a sports bra and ice them with bags of ice or frozen vegetables and take a motrin.  That's what I did and it worked great it took a couple of days of that but then they went back to normal. 

    Also, so sorry for your loss, I see that you were about as far along as me so I can imagine what you're going through.  Hang in there and private message me if you ever need someone to talk to.

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  • I was almost as far along and I was so afraid of milk coming in, but they told me it was a 50/50 chance. I did what the nurses told me which stopped any thing from coming in. TIGHT sports bra for a week- even while sleeping and ice packs for any pain. I just stopped wearing the tight bra(it fit me 20 lbs. ago) and have been wearing my regular bras on the tightest hooks for extra support and to help with any sagging issues. That's all I need- a sagging heart and saggy boobs :)
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  • Tight sports bra, 3 advil and read this...
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  • My OB advised to me wear a tight bra, don't let the warm water run on my chest during showers and stay away from any caffine (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda and even diet soda). I tried the cold cabbage leaf compress for 2 nights but the smell was driving me nuts. I couldn't sleep.
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