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Advice for getting a tricycle

I would like to get my twins tricycles for Christmas. Do you recommend one in particular? I have seen several styles and brands, but dont know too much about them. Also, would you recommend a cozy coupe or a tricycle? Thanks!
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Re: Advice for getting a tricycle

  • DEFINITELY get the kind with the push/steer bar for the grownups to man handle them when they get tired/fickle/can't quite steer themselves yet.  Also, I don't recommend the radio flyer one.  I wish we had just spent the money on the Kettler Trike instead because our radio flyer is a piece of crap and we're getting a Kettler now.  a Kettler would have made it through three kids and the radio flyer didn't even make it a whole year, I think it actually only made it about 7 months.  Ours came with a sun protection thing over the top of it but we never used it.  But definitely get the steer bar!
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  • Elliott's tricycle is made by Giant. They also make adult mountain bikes. It might be more than you want to spend but has never rusted, still works great and we still use it almost daily. It is now used for Allison, but Elliott will still stand on the back and ride down the hill. Definitely worth the extra money.

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  • we are thinking of getting elliot a balance bike for christmas. not sure if you have considered  this but they seem to be the new hot thing.
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  • I recommend going to your local bike shop and ordering a tricycle from a company that specializes in making bicycles. Most "adult" bicycle companies like Giant, Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, etc. all make tricycles and children's bikes. They will last through several kids! I know one Specialized kid's bike that is on its 4th kid and still works great. Plus, it will be put together by a mechanic that specializes in building bicycles. W*lmart/D*cks/T*rget bikes are usually put together incorrectly by someone that does not have the knowledge to do it correctly.

    If you are in Kennesaw, I reccomend in Marietta off of Canton Hwy. and in downtown Woodstock. Both are very reputable shops.

  • I also recommend the Kettler tricycle.  We have one that we have used for our 3 year old and it's held up great.  Our almost 2 year old will be using it soon.

    They can be pricey especially when you have to buy 2--we bought ours in almost new condition off of craigslist.

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