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On what day of cycle do they normally do an HSG?

Need to schedule one they said call the day AF rears her ugly face.

Re: On what day of cycle do they normally do an HSG?

  • I was told to schedule mine between CDs 7-12.  Between your period and ovulation.
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  • My RE prefers between day 7 and 10 of your cycle. After AF and before ovulation.
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  • I think mine liked between days 5 and 10.
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  • They did mine on day 11 - but my HSG and my sono one.

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  • I did mine on day 8. They said after bleeding stops andbefore ovulation. I would recommend as soon after AF as possible because mine was really unpleasant (it was very painful - probably due to a blocked tube - and I had an unpleasant experience and jsut felt "gross" after, and I had a discharge with the dye still coming out for about 3 days) all of which meant I had NO interest in being intimate with my husband. Fortunately, since I did it on day 8, I wasn't yet ovulating and now 3 days later I am back to normal just in time for ovulation so we don't miss our chance to try and conceive this month.

    Also, I was told it wouldn't be that bad. THe doctor's office said I didn't even need to take anything. The ladies on here suggested 3 or 4 Ibuprofin and I took 3. Thank god! The procedure was very painful for me even with the Ibuprofin. Some people jsut feel pressure, for me it was just really awful. I am not trying toscare you, I would jsut rather have known to prepare myself mentally ( a few ladies on here said they had a painful experience so I had a little heads up). Good thing is that it only lasts about a minute and then its over and the pain subsides pretty soon after. Also don't forget to take antibiotics for 2 days before to prevent an infection. Good luck with it. I'm hoping for an all clear for you.

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  • Mine was on CD9.

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  • I think mine was to be scheduled between Days 5-7
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