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DH has declared Halloween 2010 over

He cut off the light and is now watching the world series with a giant bowl of candy.

Re: DH has declared Halloween 2010 over

  • Ha! I'm waiting for my brother to stop by, and then I'm declaring Halloween over as well.
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  • Favorite costume everyone?  Mine was a kid with a BP plant work shirt on with Tony Hayward written over the name tag...very funny!

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  • Wink  Hubby feels the same way, I think, but he has been helping out with candy duty while I am typing curriculum!!


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  • We got 0 kids tonight!!

    I guess living in a 3rd floor walk up deters even the most ambitious kids. And we live right by a mall which is apparently the new place to ToT.

    Guess I'll start getting dressed to head to my party. I'll be a bumblebee.

  • Too funny, my DH is at home currently taking down all the Halloween Decorations we put up.  He didn't waste any time LOL
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