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Terrible Rib Pain-26 Weeks

Did anyone experience problems with their ribs when they were pregnant?  Any advice for relief?  So far using Tylenol and ice helps just a little.  I have a dr's appt tomorrow and will bring it up then. TIA.
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Re: Terrible Rib Pain-26 Weeks

  • I am 26 weeks as well and also beginning to experience rib pain.   I feel like one of the babies is digging right into my ribs.  
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  • I think the worst came at 32 weeks. This doesn't mean this will happen to you, but... my DD separated my rib from the tissue that connects them all together.  I was making the bed, reached up to the corner and felt her kick and then felt what may be described as velcro undoing EXTREMELY painfully!! I screamed, laid down and sobbed.  It was sore for weeks.

    Eventually there won't be enough room in there for them to hurt you as much.  Eventually they will drop and you will breathe again.  Eventually you will have two beautiful babies in your arms and you will say "ribs? what ribs?" hang in there!

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  • im sorry to say that mine only got worse as they got bigger. laying on the opposite side with my arm over my head helped a little (expanded the rib cage up). i actually got nerve damage (feels like a numb spot 2 in x 3 in right under my boob) which my dr said would go away but it hasnt. all i can say that may provide some comfort is that it is all worth it!
  • Yes!  It was awful!  I could not wear a bra from about 26 weeks on!  Apparently their are nerves that run through your ribs and the baby can pinch them.  My baby B was higher, it lasted until about 35 or 36 weeks when I dropped and then it kind of stopped over night and I felt so much better the last 2 weeks.  It's awful I know!  Mine was esp. bad at night.
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