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Trying to Get Pregnant

Preg or Try Again?

Been regular (27 day cycle) since I was 13 (I'm 28 now) and had sex on the  day the online ovulation calculator indicated plus a few days after that day. I was expecting my period on Monday (the 25th) and had cramps, etc but it didn't come. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning but it was negative. Just started to bleed a little earlier, any idea if I could still be pregnant? Wondering if maybe ovulation was later than calculater estimated or maybe my period came late and I shouldn't retest....thoughts ? 

(I wasn't sure if to post on this board so let me know if I need to repost elsewhere)

Re: Preg or Try Again?

  • right now, only time will tell. if you are not preg Read Taking charge of your fertility and sign up for a fertility friend account. start taking your temp so that you can pinpoint Ovulation (this helps to know if you ovulated late) your period will only "be late" if you ovulated late which you don't know for sure.  Take a test 1 time a week until positive or your period comes. GL to you and if you are staying around Welcome =0)

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  • Well...we can't tell you if you may be pregnant, but you more than likely did not ovulate according to the predictor. Every woman is different. The only way to know is to temp and chart. I would wait another week, and test again if no AF. Then call the doctor if you don't start your period within 60 days.

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  • If you are starting to bleed I'd guess that AF is here.  The online calendar you are using is probably not the best either.  It simply goes by your "average" and even the most regular women gets off here and there.  Test once a week until you get a BFP, AF comes, or you hit CD 60
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  • Sounds like AF showed late. You can always test again in the am with FMU though to make sure. But if you are bleeding and in was a BFN, you are probably not pregnant, I'm sorry. Good luck though! 


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