Our boys are here! (birth story and pics to follow) — The Bump

Our boys are here! (birth story and pics to follow)

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you know or boys have arrived at 34.5 wks.  They are in the NICU now, and will be probably for another week or so.  I'll share the birth story and pics soon!
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Re: Our boys are here! (birth story and pics to follow)

  • Congratulations!!
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Congrats!  Hoping their NICU stay is short!
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  • Congrats...how exciting...hope that they will get home soon!
  • Congratulations!!! I hope you are all home soon!
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  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations!  How is everyone doing?
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  • Congrats!  Hope they come home soon!
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  • Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pictures, and hope their NICU stay is short :)
  • Congratulations!!! :)
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  • Congratulations! I hope they come home soon.

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  • Welcome baby boys!!!!!!!

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  • Congratulations!!
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  • Congrats mama!!  Hope you are all doing well, and try to get some rest!

  • Congratulations!  Sending T & P that their NICU stay is short
  • Congratulations! I hope everyone is doing well!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations!  :)

  • Congratulations
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