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issues and/or reactions with antibiotics?

Kaleb has ingrown toenail so he was put on cephalexin...after 3 days of him getting it, his reflux started to get horrible, even though he is on axid.

I stopped the cephalexin for 2 days and continued his reflux med, axid, and he felt noticeably better. But his toe was no better :-(

So doc started him on augmentin thinking maybe he just had a reaction to the cephalexin but not really sure what the issue is because there is no documented case of antibiotics interferring or reacting with antibiotics.

After 2 days on the augmentin, he started exhibiting same reflux signs as he did on cephalexin, so we stopped that one.

He is absolutely miserable after 2 days of getting these antibiotics....screaming while eating, arching back, thrusting head back, will not eat even tho he is starving, just spits all formula out of his mouth.

I thought it might be thrush but he has nothing in his mouth. And I didn't think thrush could be painful like that. We are going to doc tomorrow but I was curious if anyone else had experienced this.



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Re: issues and/or reactions with antibiotics?

  • Has he been tested for a dairy protein allergy?  I don't know about the first antibiotic he was on, but I do know that Augmentin has lactose and other dairy as it's filler (at least for adult doses).  I have a dairy allergy, and being on Augmentin did horrible things to me until we figured out that was what the problem was. Unfortunately a lot of doctors don't know what is used as filler in a lot of prescriptions.  I had to find a pharmacist who was able to tell me.

    Good luck.  I hope the little guy feels better.

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