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DisneyWorld with an "almost" 3 year old...HELP!

DH and I are planning on taking DD to Disney for the first time in April. By then she will be 34 months old.  I'm trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements.

She has been in a toddler bed since before she was 2 so a crib in the room is not going to work. She has never slept with us so I can't imagine that would be a good idea on vacation.

Should I get a "family suite" and let her sleep on the roll out couch/chair or should I just get a room with 2 queen beds and let her sleep in one (and hope she doesn't fall off).

How have any of you handled traveling with toddlers? Thanks in advance.

Re: DisneyWorld with an "almost" 3 year old...HELP!

  • We go to hotels (and Disney) a lot with our 25 month old. We have tried various things. Sometimes she has slept with one of us in the bed (she did find transitioning back to her bed at home). We have also given her a bed to herself and just kind of bordered the edges with extra pillows so she didn't roll off.
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  • Are you staying in a Disney hotel? They have bedrails available. We've been to Disney three times with DD and we've done both the separate bed and a pullout, both times with rails.

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  • we went to disney RIGHT at 3 and she slept with me totally fine - and we'd never done it before either. different situations can lead to different reactions.
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  • You can get bedrails! We go to disney one to two times a year! The last two times we put preston in a bed with rails! Jordana and Brady were fine in PNP

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  • We go to Disney every eyar and we use the Pea Pod travel bed.




    I like that it give DD her own space to sleep and we don't have to worry about her.

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  • I just bought a travel toddler bed from onestepahead.  It's an aeromattress with higher sides, and it goes on the floor so you don't have to worry about LO falling out of bed, or getting trapped with a rail guard.  It also has a cute pillow and blanket that you can customize....very cute.  I also like it cause you can take it to friend's houses or anywhere else and DD will have a safe clean place to sleep. 
  • We are going to Disney in December and we just got 2 queen beds.  My daughter is still in a toddler bed, but she does often sleep in our bed, so I'm not seeing it being a problem.  If you are worried you could always get the toddler Aerobed.  We took that last year when she was still in her crib and have taken it with us to other hotels when we just had a king size bed.  It only took up 1/2 a carry-on bag.

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