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convertible crib rail?

For those of you using a convertible crib, what did you use for a toddler rail when you transitioned into a toddler bed? The mesh toddler rails I have found at BRU and Target only fit twin - queen mattresses.

I can't seem to find any rails that fit crib mattresses. We have the Munire Essex crib, and there is a wood rail available, however, we didn't order it when we ordered our crib. The cost is $110 + shipping. Any cheaper alternatives?

One Step Ahead makes a steel/mesh one for $34 and Kidco makes a wood one for $80 (but it has poor reviews).

I tried not using one and DD keeps falling out of bed and waking up.


Re: convertible crib rail?

  • We have the same exact crib and we are not using a rail.  We have the matress on teh lowest setting, and I have huge pillows on the ground right next to the bed.  We have beenf ortunate that she has not fallen out yet.  When I tried looking I didn't find anything that was that great so we tried it without and we had success.  Hope your able to find a solution.
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  • Our rail came with our convertible crib. We still have the setting set on the lowest setting.  DD still fell out the other night, but she was so exhausted that she didn't even wake up.  I went in to check on her before I went to sleep and she was sound asleep on the floor by her bed. 
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  • I bought this one for dd's crib and it works great. I moved it up so it is closer to her head (not in the middle like the pic), so she has a good space to climb in and out at the end. We haven't had any problems at all, and she likes it.


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  • Our crib also came w/the little rail (looks like a little ladder thingie).

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