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Propping Mattress

The doctor recommended placing some towels under crib mattress in order to elevate DS while sleeping (due to reflux). Any success with this? If so, how much did you elevate it? She recommended 45 degree angle...

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  • I have both of the girls propped up, and it's helped so much.  I just put a firm pillow under the upper part of the mattress and it did the trick - it's between 30-45 degrees I'd say.
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  • Thanks. I am trying every trick in the book!
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  • we propped 2 of our boys (Gibby preferred to lay flat)... we had a board under their mattress - b/c we use angelcare monitors and it helps them work better... but it also helps elevate easily - we'd put the rolled up towels under the board, so the mattress was not "bent" but was at a true incline.


  • I have 'wedges' that I bought at BRU... I have one in each of their cribs.... and I also bought 2 wedges for my double/twin bassinet... DH trimmed them to fit each side of the bassinet.... I then cover the wedge in a pillowcase.

    I also bought wedge #5...and that wedge is in the both girls can nap side by side.... it has worked well so far. (I also put this wedge in a pillowcase and they lay directly on it.)

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