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Recommend your digital camera

I'm so tired of all the blurry pictures I get from mine ... mostly b/c my 2 yr old is never still. Anyone have a great camera that takes shots without the blur.  Looking for a point and shoot that can snap quick pics, my one now takes forever from the time your press the button til it actually takes the pic.  Oh and hoping to get one under $200. thanks!!

Re: Recommend your digital camera

  • I have a Nikon D40, which I bought a couple of years ago especially because my old digital had a time delay.  It was utterly frustrating to take a picture and get a blur.  I couldn't find a point and shoot without the time delay, but maybe you can now.  Good luck!
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  • Nikon P100...was made for this!  I love mine, it is a P&S and has a sports mode, and continuos shooting which i love.
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  • I just upgraded to a DSLR after DS used our point & shoot to break his fall on the sidewalk & the shutter would no longer open fully. It was a Cannon powershot & I really liked it. I had a Kodak before that one & that was why I got the Cannon...b/c the Kodak had a really big delay.

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  • ready for the best camera ever? I just got an Olympus PEN and have never been happier with a point and shoot.  it has interchangable lenses, built in flash and lots of onboard features that allow you to edit photos without a computer.


    Mine was around $600 but there are cheaper and more expensive models based on what features you want.

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  • I just got a DSLR for the delay issue but I also have a Canon Powershot P&S and love it. It does have a delay (I think all P&S have a delay) but it's not too bad. It takes great pictures!
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