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Talk to me about Gestational Diabetes

I was just diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and have been on the diet the dietician put me on for a few days, but already it seems like I get so hungry during the day even with the snacks i am allowed in between.  And even sticking to the diet, my blood sugar is still really high, that I am sure my OB will be putting me on medication to go along with the diet.  And it seems when I get that hungry is when the boy's start going crazy and kicking really hard, but I have to wait to eat.  Do any of you have advice about how to keep from getting so hungry or other ways to deal with this?  It is already so aggrivating, not sure how I am going to be able to keep this up at this point.


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Re: Talk to me about Gestational Diabetes

  • Even though I had gestational diabetes, I don't have any tips for you.  I hated the diet.  But I found a lot of help and advice on the high risk board.  You may want to try posting this there and see if those girls have any advice.
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  • You shouldn't be hungry on the diet. Don't think of it as a diet, as you shouldn't be restricting calories. It's just a new way of eating.  If you are hungry, eat. I would sometimes have two snacks spaced out in the afternoon instead of the one. Just stick to 15-30 carbs each snack and always combine protein with carbs. For instance, some good snacks are peanut butter and crackers, nuts and cheese, yogurt and nuts, south beach bars. I couldn't get in enough food and wasn't getting in the calorie requirements. The high risk board was a great resource for me too. Check it out and good luck. I know it sucks at first, but it does get easier. Plus, I only gained 20 lbs this pregnany and was 20 lbs less than PP weight within a few weeks of giving birth. and if you have to go on insulin, it's not so bad either. It was actually the best thing for me, because I really had to restrict carbs and this allowed me more freedom and sanity.
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  • Thanks ladies, I will try posting on the high risk board too, I didn't even think about posting it there.
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  • Find good snacks that fill you up.  I also found that some meals kept me fuller longer than others - for example, waffles with peanut butter made a better breakfast for me than oatmeal.  My dietician also made specific meal plans for what I liked to eat - including Indian food which I felt like I could eat a really good amount of and feel full.  

    For what it's worth, I maxed out my carbs allowance every day and I only gained 3 pounds after 28 weeks.  My girls were born at 39w1d, at 6 pounds and 6 pounds 2 ounces, respectively.  Babies will take what they need!

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  • I found that I was always hungry for the first week or so as well. But I guess I got used to the diet and now it has leveled out.  You will be able to find what works well for you.
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